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We’ve got it all under control, says Etihad

[ November 5, 2019   //   ]

Etihad Cargo has opened a Cargo Control Centre at its head office in Abu Dhabi. It is the nerve centre for real-time monitoring, tracking and active management of all shipments, flights, and UAE road feeder services iand will help the carrier fulfil its delivery as planned promise to its customers.

Head of operations and delivery Andre Blech said it would shift the airline from a historically reactive to a truly proactive service model. The technology platform builds on Etihad Cargo’s SPRINT booking and reservation system by introducing key “always-on” tracking functionalities. These include shipment planning and performance monitoring across its five dedicated freighter aircraft and 250 daily passenger flights.

Etihad Cargo’s CCC team are kept informed by several large screen displays equipped with advanced software algorithms and processes which alert them of issues that may impact customer shipments, along with tools to resolve any irregularities or service recovery matters.

There is a heavy focus on special products that are most sensitive to schedule variations and disruptions. In addition to its air shipments, Etihad Cargo is now also able to monitor in real time all of its road feeder services across the UAE, and the centre has the technology to this to more than 100 lanes in Europe and the Americas over the coming months.

In a second phase, Etihad Cargo plans to add monitoring of its Quick Ramp Transfer shipments at Abu Dhabi with instant alerts of potentially problematic connections and allowing the customer service team to pro-actively take immediate corrective action. Separately, Advanced Cargo Information (ACI) monitoring, which sends automated alerts on customs conflicts to minimize the time spent checking individual shipment documentation, will be configured on 10 of Etihad Cargo’s busiest routes by the end of the year.