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[ August 25, 2020   //   ]

Freight insurer TT Club has created a Motorway Buddy smartphone app that provides a range of information, including the location of over 300 recognised truck stop facilities across the UK.

Described as an established suite of products recognised by the UK government and trade organisations and a driver-friendly compliance and safety management tool, the intention is for Motorway Buddy to become a unified platform, merging its existing truck stop and driver compliance functionality with theft and crime data provided by the freight unit of the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service to produce a series of heat maps visualising recorded cargo and fuel theft incidents. The data will be updated on a three-month rolling basis, with 12 months of data displayed at any one time.

Software development will begin immediately with a view to launching the enhanced features on the app in two to three months’ time. For account holders there will also be the ability to record parking facility characteristics (CCTV, secure fencing, and security guard) for future use by hauliers, and insurers if the need arises.

More functions will allow drivers to enter their statutory hours remaining and current location and the app will show on the map roughly where they can reach within their driving time. The driver can then overlay this map with the crime data to make an informed decision as to where to park their vehicle.

The app is in Polish and Romanian language as well as English. The heat map is currently limited to the UK, but TT Club plans an eventual pan-European roll-out.