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Be prepared, but don’t panic, Gothenburg boss tells traders

[ October 9, 2019   //   ]

The port of Gotherburg in Sweden says it is sending out a message to the country’s exporters, telling them that the must be ensure that goods are ready for customs clearance before they reach the port terminals. “If an exporter does not have everything in place, they won’t get in to the port,” it said adding: “The same principle applies to imports from the UK – goods that are not ready for clearance before they are shipped to Sweden risk getting stuck at our terminals,” said port authority chief executive Elvir Dzanic.
However, Azanic appreciates that it could still be difficult for some companies to take the right measures in time. “My view is that the major players are well prepared. It is generally the smaller enterprises that do not have the administrative capacity of the large freight owners and freight forwarders. Having said that, I still stand by what I said earlier. Do not turn up at the Port of Gothenburg without having all your customs documents in order.”
However, he sees no reason for anyone to panic.”Obviously nobody knows exactly how things will be until it happens, but from experience I know that the logistics industry is the master of the ‘quick fix’ when faced with a new situation,” said Dzanic, who continued: “When new customs rules came into effect ten years ago, there was a great deal of concern, but the industry adapted rapidly then and I’m sure it will be the same now.”

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