Gothenburg offers storage solution

The Gothenburg Port Authority and its Railport system are offering interim storage points for containers and trailers to help Swedish importers cope with the effect of the Covid-19 outbreak. A number of Railport terminals with direct rail links to the port are now ready to step in as interim storage points, bringing the goods closer to their final destination. About 25 rail shuttles operate daily between Gothenburg and locations in Sweden ... [+]

Nordic ports get together to go green

A group of ten Nordic ports have signed a declaration to cooperate and exchange information and share approaches to the environment and climate in line with the UN's Global Sustainability Goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement. Gothenburg, Stockholm, Helsingborg, Malmö/Copenhagen, Aarhus, Esbjerg, Oslo, Helsinki, Torshavn and Faxaports (Iceland) will confer on issues such as energy ... [+]

Be prepared, but don’t panic, Gothenburg boss tells traders

The port of Gotherburg in Sweden says it is sending out a message to the country's exporters, telling them that the must be ensure that goods are ready for customs clearance before they reach the port terminals. “If an exporter does not have everything in place, they won't get in ... [+]

Timber terminal for Gothenburg

The Port of Gothenburg has opened a new transloading terminal for timber products to serve exporters in the Nordic region, run by family-owned company Sören Thyr. Although paper, pulp and timber products account for a large proportion of exports through tGothenburg, up to now, the port has lacked a dedicated ... [+]

Schenker takes Gothenburg lease

Schenker Logistics has taken a lease on a new 24,000sq m dockside warehouse and distribution centre at Arendal, in the port of Gothenburg, is now complete. It will handle mainly imported consumer goods. [+]

New Dachser depot

International logistics provider Dachser will begin using a new logistics facility in Gothenburg from mid-2014. The new terminal, close to the E6 and E20 freeways, is on a 31,000 sq m site and, on completion, will include 850 sq meters of new office space and a 15-gate transit terminal. Owner ... [+]

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