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IRU dismay as MEPs reject Mobility Package again

[ July 5, 2018   //   ]

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) said it was concerned about the European Parliament’s failure to find a compromise on new regulations for the sector. It followed MEPs’ second rejection of proposals contained in the Mobility Package in early July.

MEps voted against proposals on posting of workers, driving and rest time rules and access to the profession and to the road haulage market. Following the first vote on 14 June, attempts had been made to broker a compromise, but this had been unsuccessful.

IRU said it was “a missed opportunity to provide a balanced and practical framework for further negotiations with the Council and the Commission, an opportunity where the European Parliament could have set the scene. Now the discussions are back to square one and encouragements to find solutions during this legislative mandate are very limited.”

Matthias Maedge, leading the IRU’s work in Brussels commented: “The European Parliament has lost precious time. It may take years to find workable solutions and the industry has to stay with a patchwork of national rules. It is now time to rethink the purpose of the Mobility Package 1 and the ambitions the European Commission has by the end of the mandate.”

The reports are being transferred back to the Transport committee for a redraft. Meanwhile, the IRU said it would continue its dialogue with stakeholders to find a solution.

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