IRU dismay as MEPs reject Mobility Package again

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) said it was concerned about the European Parliament’s failure to find a compromise on new regulations for the sector. It followed MEPs’ second rejection of proposals contained in the Mobility Package in early July. MEps voted against proposals on posting of workers, driving and rest time rules and access to the profession and to the road haulage market. Following the first vote on 14 June, ... [+]

FTA slams van tacho plan

The Freight Transport Association says that a call by Brussels for a tachograph in every van in the UK to be fitted with a tachograph is unfair and will lead to more red tape. The proposal is included in the latest draft of the Mobility Package which due to be ... [+]

Trump tariffs spark trade war fears

World leaders reacted with alarm on 1 March after US President Trump announced import tariffs on imported steel and aluminium – prompting fears that a wider trade war could break out. Trump said he would use US national security legislation to introduce the duties. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker warned however that ... [+]

Transport set to retain posted workers exemption

Negotiators in Brussels say they plan to retain existing exemptions for the transport sector in the new Posted Workers directive, details of which were revealed on 1 March. The European Council, European Parliament and the European Commission last night said that they had reached an understanding on a possible agreement to ... [+]

DHL set for bigger helping of Brussels market

DHL Express opened its new regional hub at Brussels Airport on 22 February, quadrupling its capacity at the Belgian gateway to 42,000 shipments per hour, and making it the fifth largest hub in the global DHL network. DHL says that its Brussels operation is now busier than ever, despite the move ... [+]

EU vows to reveal the secrets of parcel delivery

EU institutions provisionally agreed on new rules on 14 December to make cross-border parcel delivery tariffs more transparent and allow regulators to better monitor the market. The provisional agreement by the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission needs to be finally approved by the Parliament and the Council and is ... [+]

Serbia joins Common Transit system

Serbia has joined the EU-EFTA common transit procedure and the convention on the simplification of formalities in trade of goods. Common transit operations with Serbia and the the EU, the EFTA countries, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey will begin on 1 February 2016. The rules are effectively ... [+]

EU to overhaul aviation policy

The European Commission adopted proposals to negotiate EU-level comprehensive aviation agreements with key partner countries and regions on 7 December. They would replace the bilateral air services agreements between individual states which, says the Commission, has created a patchwork of differing market access and rules for airlines. Proposed partner regions ... [+]

Three-journey cabotage rule to go?

A proposal to remove the current three-journey limit on cabotage operations could be included in the European Commission's new road transport package now expected to be unveiled in early 2016, say Brussels sources. The Commission says that the rule – under which transport operations are only supposed to carry out ... [+]

Brussels agrees on trade database

The European Parliament's Committee on the Internal Market (IMCO) is expected to endorse a compromise agreed with the Council and Commission on setting up a central, EU-wide database for import and export data. However, the requirement to record export data will only apply to sensitive excise goods’ such as alcohol, ... [+]

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