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Russia restores TIR to 34 crossings

[ June 18, 2015   //   ]

Russia said it had reopened 34 border-crossing points to TIR on 18 June, including those with Finland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuaania, Norway and Ukraine.
It followed an earlier announcement by the Federal Customs Service that it had “resolved the situation with TIR Carnets”and restored its cooperation with the TIR guaranteeing association ASMAP. It has also published a list of border crossing points open to TIR.
Russia’s TIR system had come close to collapse due to a dispute over payment between Customs and ASMAP with TIR facilities were withdrawn from many border crossing points.
The International Road Transport Union said it welcomed the development, but emphasised that the exact list of border crossing points reopened for TIR has not yet been published and that problems cannot be ruled out for the moment. It added that the final list of Russian border-crossing points is still being worked out by FCS RF in Russia and practical difficulties cannot be totally excluded at this stage.

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