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Schiphol to get IT modernisation money

[ January 14, 2016   //   ]

Schiphol Airport is to modernise its Cargonaut community information platform, with an investment of around €2 million Euros. Half of this sum will come in the form of a grant from Top Sector Logistics – a co-operation between businesses, research institutes and Government – with the remainder will be provided by Dutch Customs, Logius, ACN, Schiphol Group and Cargonaut itself. Cargonaut, has been operational since 1986 initially, focusing on messaging but, over the years, improving and speeding up all the processes involved in the import and export of goods through Schiphol, for example through the eCargoReceipt, ScanLog and eLink; these community apps.
Cargonaut recognizes that IT vendors provide effective industry solutions fbut they need up-to-date information about shipments, transport and locations for smart airport handling.
Brussels is also setting out requirements for Customs processes, protocols and ICT systems with the recent announcement of the World Customs Organization’s data model and the new Air Single Window Government Portal.
Cargonaut CEO Nanne Onland said: “The world around us is changing at high speed, and the strong and innovative position of Schiphol can no longer be taken for granted. Strong cooperation, well-managed  processes and maximum support from state-of-the-art IT resources are the keys to increase the competitiveness of Schiphol, and therefore of all stakeholders, including the Government.
“With the help of a renewed Schiphol Community information platform, better and faster processes will be supported with modern tools, and can also be further developed towards the creation of new ‘Green Fast Lanes’”. 

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