Test on UK arrival for truckers?

The BBC is reporting that truck drivers arriving from mainland Europe in the UK could soon be forced to take a Covid test, quoting a haulage industry source. Freight drivers had previously been exempt from testing but the Department for Transport says it is "carefully monitoring" an increase in cases in Europe and keeping all measures under review. [+]

Haulier info sites go live across the country

The Department for Transport has opened 45 information and advice sites across the UK to help hauliers prepare for the end of Brexit transition. The COVID-secure sites, which are located at key motorway service stations and truck stops, offer hauliers one-to-one training on the new ‘Check an HGV’ service and upcoming ... [+]

UK pilots electronic CMR

The UK has taken part in an electronic consignment note (e-CMR) pilot, along with France, the Netherlands and operators Brian Yeardley Continental, Transports FIOLET in France and Netherlands-based International Road Ferry. The project is under the supervision of the UK Department for Transport, Freight Transport Association and other equivalent bodies. It ... [+]

Business as usual for transatlantic flights

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced that the UK has reached new air services arrangements with the US and Canada that will allow transatlantic flights to continue after Brexit. The deals will replace the existing EU aviation agreement. [+]

Contraflow to keep Kent on the move

Roads Minister, Jesse Norman, has revealed plans to keep traffic moving through Kent in the event of disruption to cross-Channel services. It includes a new version of ‘Operation Stack’ with a contraflow on the northbound carriageway of the M20 between junctions 8 and 9 while lorries are being queued for the ... [+]

Airfreight sniffer dogs have their day again

Explosive detection dogs have been reintroduce at UK airports to screen cargo, according to the Department for Transport. The dogs have undertaken a rigorous new training programme set out by the UK government to prepare them for the task of sniffing out explosives. Free running explosive detection dogs (FREDDs) and their human ... [+]

UK lifts Bangladesh airfreight ban

The UK Government lifted a ban on air cargo on direct flights from Dhaka today (19 February). It said it followed ongoing cooperation with the Bangladesh government on aviation security at Dhaka International Airport. The government also said it would continue to work with the country to support improvement in ... [+]

Firms urged to compete for green vehicle funding

Roads Minister Jesse Norman is urging companies to compete for up to £15 million of funding to develop technology to reduce harmful road freight emissions. Projects could include making vehicles lighter or improving the efficiency of engines or batteries. The completion has been developed with Innovate UK. [+]

Government chooses route for new Thames crossing

The Department for Transport has revealed its prefered route for the Lower Thames Crossing connecting the M25 to Channel-bound routes via a new estuary crossing. It chosen option 'C' running from a new junction between junctions 29 and 30 on the M25 over a new crossing to the east of ... [+]

Rail could do even better, says minister – updated

Rail freight currently carries one in four of the containers coming into our ports but could carry an even higher proportion, said rail minister Paul Maynard on publishing the government’s new Rail Freight Strategy on 13 September. Rail reduces carbon emissions by around three quarters compared to road, and also ... [+]

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