Welsh government throws doubt on Freeport plan

The Welsh government has written to the UK Government asking for an urgent discussion to determine how to resolve issues over freeports, warning that, without a workable solution, “we will need to move forward and dedicate our focus to supporting the economy in Wales in alternative ways.” In a statement on 15 July, the Welsh Government said it recognised the potential benefits of freeports, and remains open to establishing them in ... [+]

Government ‘will impose Welsh freeport’

Welsh secretary Simon Hart says the Westminster government will develop a freeport in Wales even if the Welsh government does not agree, according to a BBC report. Hart told a committee of MPs "we would rather do it as a team effort than have to resort to reserved powers, but it ... [+]

New road measures set to reprieve Newport

The Welsh Government has put forward a package of measures costing around £135m to mitigate the effect of the new M4 relief road on ABP’s port of Newport, the BBC reports. They include providing new buildings for firms operating in the port and developing the south dock as an alternative ... [+]

Bids invited for Welsh port funding


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