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Ukraine to pilot new electronic TIR scheme

[ October 20, 2016   //   ]

Ukraine is supporting a planned new pilot for the electronic TIR (eTIR) scheme on an inter-modal trade corridor with Turkey across the Black Sea, says the International Road Transport Union. It follows the “resounding success” of the eTIR pilot project between Turkey and Iran, it adds.

IRU secretary general, Umberto de Pretto said: “We are extremely pleased that Ukraine supports the use of eTIR, the paperless digital TIR system.  It will drive more intermodal transport making it more efficient and secure, facilitating trade growth in the region.”

Head of Ukraine’s State Fiscal Service, Roman Nasirov added: “The eTIR system provides an exchange of electronic data between the national customs systems regarding international transit of goods in accordance with the provisions of the TIR Convention. For us

Advantages of eTIR include less data entry work, ease of implementation and advance risk assessment, giving customs officers cargo information electronically before it arrives.

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