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Russia wants single Eurasian transit system

[ December 4, 2013   //   ]

Russian Customs says it plans to work with other Russian authorities, Belarus and Kazakhstan towards a single transit system in Euraasia, reports Finnish logistics specialist, Nurminen. The Russian customs service also plans to open negotiations with the International Road Transport Union (IRU) on updating the TIR Convention.

On 29 November Russian Customs said that it was postponing plans to cancel its TIR agreement, scheduled for 1 November, until 1 July 2014. This means that the TIR carnet will still be accepted at the customs offices of Vyborg, Karelia and Murmansk in the Northwestern customs district until that date.

However, shipments under the TIR transit procedure require an additional insurance in the customs offices of the Central Customs District, Southern Customs District, Northern Caucasus, Privolzhsk, Ural, Siberia, Russian Far East customs districts and the customs offices of Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo as well as in the customs offices Pskov, Sebezh and Kingisepp of Northwestern Russia.

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